We believe that family life is a vitally important role yet at times can be complex and challenging and that support and education should be available for all.

We work with families to design client focused and tailor-made interventions to support and empower families to improve their relationships, functioning and potential.


How do we work ? 

We design the service to fit the family.

We seek to understand parents and children from a holistic perspective and design a flexible and client focused approach specific to each family’s needs.


Who do we work with?

All families, whatever their composition.


What can we help with?

 We can provide information, education and  intervention  in the following areas:

  •     Family dynamics
  •     Child development and attachment
  •    Understanding and working positively with children’s behaviour.
  •     Problems with low self-esteem and lack of confidence.
  •     Separation and divorce
  •     Difficulties at school
  •     Developing  social and emotional skills e.g. anger management.
  •     Families living with children with autistic spectrum conditions.
  •     Loss and mourning
  •    Families and children affected by domestic abuse, substance abuse and neglect.

We will refer to other agencies when appropriate.


What can we offer?

  • Parenting courses and workshops.
  • Individual or whole family parenting support.
  • Support groups for parents and young people.
  • Family therapy – including parent/child bonding work, family functioning and attachment.
  • Individual or group counselling
  • Therapeutic work e.g. art therapy, psychotherapy, solution focused therapy and play therapy.
  • Social and emotional skill development for children at home and  in schools.  We use resources from our training in both UK and international  Emotional Intelligence  development programmes.
  • Emotional intelligence (EQ) assessment. We use our EQ assessment as a tool to support positive change in parents and children.
  • Art therapy: with individuals, with groups, with young people and with parents together with their children.
  • Ecopsychology group work: supporting our relationship with nature and the environment.
  • Individual holistic energy work.
  • Yoga, relaxation and stress management classes.

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